Industrial equipment installation the FABMEC way

Installing industrial equipment is an integral part of our know-how. We install industrial handling equipment that we manufacture, and our qualified experts are also adept at installing third-party equipment. As industrial equipment suppliers, we deliver turnkey, hassle-free projects that meet the highest quality standards.

At FABMEC, we put our site experts to work right from the industrial equipment design phase to provide efficient solutions and minimize project costs. They work closely with the lead contractor to reduce risks to worker health and safety and more effectively manage the project schedule and budget. We use our site skills as well as best practices to guide our decisions and our working methods.

The FABMEC expertise in industrial tools and equipment

Whether we’re installing industrial equipment manufactured by our own experts or by an external industrial equipment supplier, we make sure everything is done properly and safely.

Our expertise includes:

  •  Installation of equipment manufactured by our experts
  • Installation of process equipment supplied by a third party
  • Installation of industrial material handling equipment
  • Existing equipment dismantling
  • Refurbishment
  • Commissioning
  • Operational tests
  • Load tests for lifting equipment
  • Installation of equipment substructures

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