Industrial plasma cutting services

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With its industrial high-definition automated plasma cutting robot, the FABMEC team can produce an impressive number of parts in less time. Our state-of-the-art robot equiped with an advanced plasma cutting system and allows us to automate multiple preparation steps before our parts head to the welding shop. Production capacity has skyrocketed as a result! Depending on the complexity of the parts to be manufactured, plasma cutting can boost production capacity by 80%, while keeping the same number of employees.

Improved production capacity is a major advantage, and we’re also making great strides in the following areas:

  •  Optimized use of floor/shop space needed to produce parts
  • Significant decrease in traditional manual procedures for cutting, chamfering, drilling, and grinding
  • Less handling of parts and materials
  • Reduced risk of accidents

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Plasma cutting the FABMEC way

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Our plasma cutting department offers a fast and high quality service. Having the right tools and the best technology to achieve the extraordinary is the FABMEC way!

Our expertise includes:

  • 6-axis robotic cutting
  • Steel plasma cutting
  • HYPERTHERM XPR300 high-definition plasma technology
  • Cutting of all types of beams and profiles
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Marking of parts for assembly

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